Newest Version Update

If I update to 0.9.24 are there any “glitches” or issues I need to worry about?
Things are going so well I don’t want to wrestle with my jobs so I have been avoiding doing it, I thought I had read that there were some issues on this forum?

In Shape properties there is no gamma or brightness adjustments as was shown on the YouTube video.

Click the image to select it
RIGHT click the image and select ADJUST IMAGE

If the image is not SELECTED, there can be no adjustments

As you can see in the screenshot, the image is selected,

Can you share a bit about the image itself, please? Also, show what LightBurn is presenting in the ‘Cuts / Layers’ window for this selection. Thanks. :slight_smile:

OK just went back and looked at my image. For some reason this image loaded a vector square in along with the image. My bad, sorry, and thanks for all of your help.

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No worries, glad to hear you got this sorted. :slight_smile:

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