Newly installed 6445G and fine tuning settings

I’ve recently installed a 6445 controller into our 100w machine. Today was the first day testing the machine using real work files and our first time using Lightburn to control the laser.

The machine moves an operates quite well, so far, but we’re trying to fine tune some of the settings. There’s some many different parameters on different sub headings it difficult to know where to start.

  1. With the previous controller (LNC) if we wanted to move the head a long distance, using a continuous push on a direction arrow on the control pad, the head speed would change gear and move faster. Is this possible on the Ruida?

The same logo approx 100mm x 60mm on the same material
top image using line @ 50mm/s at 10% (min and max)
bottom image using line @50mm/s at 15% max 10%min

The top image is the cleanest, bar the serif/small elements. Is there a way to make these darker parts ‘cleaner’. If my understanding of ‘Max Min’ is correct I can’t really go any lower than 10% power? The bottom image is still OK as it’s more defined but is still has the darker serif elements
Increasing the speed to 60-70mm/s didn’t help as the corners became miss shaped (similar to point A).

Could it be that this logo is just to small and detailed for a 100w machine?


A 100w machine is going to have a higher firing threshold than a lower wattage tube, so surface marking with sharp corners will have some dark spots unless you can bring the min power down a bit.

You could also try using perforation mode with really small skip / cut lengths, to fake PPM. Try using 0.1mm cut with a 0.1mm skip, and that would be similar to running 50% of whatever power you choose. (you can make those shorter, or vary the ratio, but this is a starting point).

Thanks for the reply and the perforation mode idea Oz, it’s will definitely be worth experimenting with.

Do you have an suggestions on the head speed/acceleration issue?

There isn’t a variable speed on the Ruida controller that I know of. The pendant app has two speeds you can flip between, so if you connect the controller to your local network you can use that.

Thanks again Oz.
I’ve just been finding info on connecting a PC to the controller :+1:

Thanks for the ‘perforation mode’ suggestion @LightBurn . I started with 0.1 cut and skip and got great results.


Excellent! Happy to hear it.

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