Nice details in software handling of files

My latest project in Cedar wood. I was impressed with the detail that was held in the feathers and the crow on this grandchild’s birdhouse. Jarvis was selected for the image processing. Power 25% at 1000mm per minute using a JTech 4.2W blue diode laser attached to my standard sized Shapeoko SO3 with LightBurn providing the control.


looking good !!

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Thank you for your appreciated comment. :grinning:

That’s beautiful work. Did you laser first and then stain/varnish?

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Thank you for your very kind comment. The wood treatment I use first is to sand with a variety of grits from 80 through to 3,000 grit. I then burn the design without any edge scorching or smoke damage. Finally, I wipe the wood with a soft creme of beeswax and walnut oil combined. It changes the colour of the wood very slightly. It darkens the wood by a tiny amount but it tends to enhance the wood grain. The creme is available at stores which sell finishes for food chopping boards. I use it because it is not toxic for kids and a small amount goes a long way. I buy it in 50gram amounts and the last consignment was 150grams for £12.

Looks great :+1:

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Thank you for your lovely comment.