NixOS - community support

Hello friends,

I’ve started running NixOS, mostly because I think it’s really interesting. (ahem)

It’s not officially supported, so I’m not expecting official support — but I thought I’d ask if anyone else here is running NixOS and successfully using LightBurn?

I’ve managed to sort-of get 1.4.00 running, but not super-well. I have no camera support, and I’m using the bundled libraries, instead of the NixOS-preferred approach of wrapping it to use the system libraries (I think… I’m new to this!!)

Anyway. If you’re using NixOS too, or would like to, let’s share ideas? It’ll be “fun”*!

*it’ll be painful!

One thing I found is, that if LightBurn is used with the Nix package manager, it used to work, but something changed in the last year, so currently I have to unset QT_PLUGIN_PATH, which are the qt5 plugins provided by Nix, to work. So until that is resolved, this is how I am currently running LightBurn

NIXPKGS_ALLOW_UNFREE=1 nix-shell -p lightburn --run "unset QT_PLUGIN_PATH; LightBurn"

… and it is also the way to run the Appimage from the download page

Using the appimage-run utility on NixOS but setting the QT_PLUGIN_PATH to empty:

QT_PLUGIN_PATH='' appimage-run ~/LightBurn-Linux64-v1.6.00.AppImage
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Oh nice, thanks for the tips! Does the camera work on your setup (if you’re using one!)? I’m struggling to get gst-plugins-bad to work.