No 24v power from supply

Hi all,

I have a 130w chinese co2 laser. After taking some bits apart to paint, the controller would not start. All other parts, such as laser, air, water received power. I connected a 24v adapter to the 24vin on the controller and it fired up, so I guess something on the power supply is fused/dead?

Anyone know how I can fix this? Perhaps there is a fuse or something inside the power unit?

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Perhaps there is, but “the power unit” on “a 130w Chinese co2” is like me asking you “the engine died in my red Japanese car. Can you tell me what I need to do to fix it?” You might need to provide more details, model number, pictures, etc before you get anything useful.

I can’t recall if I’ve seen any with fuses - they often have capacitors or rectifiers fail in them.

Hi Oz,

Apologies. You’re right, of course. I’ve attached some pics now :).

There seems to be a small fuse in the DC24v supply. I imagine that’s fused? I checked the voltage in with a multimeter and it’s definitely getting a power supply.

I’ve tried looking for this unit on the internet and can’t seem it find it. The smaller DC power supply under the big one. Any idea what I need to be searching for?

(ignore the hanging ground wires.)


Check your emergency kill switch. They can go bad or accidentally get pushed.

I think the best thing is to buy a new 24v switching power supply. The laser is supposed to be 130w but I think they sent it with a 100w tube (typical Chinese seller). What wattage of supply should I be looking for?

The one already there should have the power rating on it. Match or exceed that and you should be ok.

That machine is set up with a 40VDC supply for the steppers, so the 24VDC supply is just to run the controller. It is most likely a 5A supply, but s Oz stated, try to find a rating on it and match or exceed that.

Thanks for the answers. It’s been really helpful and I’m getting closer lol.

Frustratingly, the one on it doesn’t give too much away. It only says ‘DC25V’ on one sticker, and underneath it says ‘RSA-25D-C AC INPUT 90 - 264 vac 24V 5V’.

It’s small though.

Can’t figure out anymore than that.

OK, it is a dual output power supply, 24VDC for the controller and 5VDC for most likely a red dot laser pointer or LED lights.

For ruida controller, 24VDC 3A 75W switch power supply is recommand.
You can search for Meanwell LRS-75-24 switch power supply.
5VDC is always use for red pointer.


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