No aparece eje rotatorio en las laser tools

Quiero usar el eje rotatorio, pero no me aparece en el menú de laser tools la opción de configuración del eje rotatorio.

What version of Lightburn are you using? Your Laser Tools window should look like this…


Estoy usando la versión 1.4.03 y en la pestaña laser tools no me aparece rotary setup

Then we look at the controller side of the problem.
In the Console window, enter $I. Copy that information result and paste it in your reply.
In the Laser window, Devices button, tell me what it says in the window that pops up.

Boa noite, conseguiu resolver?
Também não aparece para mim, mas é somente no dispositivo Topwisdom, nos outros dispositivos a ferramenta rotativa aparece normalmente.

I did not realize it was a DSP controller. We may need someone else with that experience to join in.

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