No burn with new 1064nm module

running D1 x tool with a new 1064 infrared module. track moves frame area but then nothing just movement with a tiny blinking white dot no burn at all. found devise, good connection just no printing. vary new at light burn . was running creative space by xtool with 10watt Lasor and it worked very well, any help tried adjusting power setting with no result.

My understanding is the IR module is extremely sensitive to focus so you must get focus very close. I also understand that the focal distance is different from the normal module so make sure you’re aiming to the correct focal distance.

What material are you using…?

You cannot see the beam, so where is the white dot coming from?

@berainlb is correct about the proper focus… The shorter the lens the more critical… less depth of field.


Perhaps torching the fuzz on the wood / MDF / whatever?

I’ve seen something like that while “engraving” cloth with my CO₂ laser: given high enough speed and low enough power, the beam doesn’t leave much of a mark, but occasionally a bit of fuzz flashes into vapor.

If the IR beam is focused a bit too high, it’s engraving dust!

Doubt it… that’s why I asked what material they are using…

My fiber is 1064nM wavelength and it will not engrave on most natural materials, generally speaking …


At a tenth the wavelength of a CO₂ laser, fuzz would look ten times as large. Yeah, that’d be like trying to incinerate a log instead of a twig …

I am very new to this but I am finding that the XTool Infrared 1064 is very focus sensitive and the built on height focus arm is not correct. I have been experimenting and producing results.


+1 to that, the arm on mine is ~1.5mm too long.
May sound like nothing, but it is a lot.

IMO/IME a ramp test is a must with the xTool IR head.
Fine tuning measurement before chopping off the tip of the arm or substituting it with something adjustable can be done with 80g/m2 printer paper, which is roughly 0.1mm thick.

And as said earlier, 1064nm 2W generally speaking mark only metals.

Goes -or at least should go- without saying, since the 1064nm beam wavelength is well above visible spectrum, an enclosure or 1064nm specific goggles/mask is an absolute must.
Not that is safe to use a 455nm laser without one either.


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What materials are you using?

I’m not too familiar with these, although they have peaked my curiosity…

Some of these models 1064nM lasers are sold as fiber, so I assume the others, like yours, are continuous wave (CW) models.


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You didn’t ask me, but… ;).
So far I’ve only tested on aluminium sheet, backsides of offset sheets to be exact, and the results have been somewhat promising.
Somewhat, because it is truly a slooooow process as can be imagined given the 2W optical power and 1-5mm/s speeds.
I have yet to test black, stainless or cuprous metals, which are the materials I mainly purchased the IR head for.


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xtool infrared, I am using brass and copper “coin” blanks. It’s working, I’m getting results. Also some steel

I agree with the 1.5mm figure. I’m finding decent results around 20mm with mine

Just thought I would post…since I just had this EXACT issue! After spending an hour googling and reading posts…it dawned on me that I had added an slightly larger piece of wood under the laser and didn’t re-focus! Problem solved.