No connection between LightBurn and Laser engraver

Hi everyone. Need help and advice please. I was running my Neje Master 2S Diode engraver with LightBurn software and it work OK all time. Yesterday I wanted to do engraving again but when I turn on LightBurn and My Neje Master 2S it keep showing “Waiting for Connection”. I changed the connection cable to a new one and it still cannot connect. To make sure there’s no problem with My Neje machine I tried today and connect it using Neje software. It work fine. What is wrong with the LightBurn software. The only thing I did in LightBurn was to change the Baud rate to 32,000. I work OK. Thank you.

Did LightBurn connect and start working before the change to 32,000 baud, After the change to 32,000 baud or still not connected?

Additional USB devices can interfere with each other. Avoid using a USB hub if you can.

Please also confirm that the Neje software is not running while using LightBurn. Software can grab and hold a communication port not allowing other applications to use it.

Out of curiosity - what speed does the Neje software use/recommend?

Thank you John. Yes LightBurn was working well before the change to 32,000 Baud. After the change It work OK for once when I was doing engraving on Tiles. I need to change the speed as recommended by Neje because the machine will top if I accidentally knock against the base where the machine is mounted and if the engraving is halfway through it’ll be a waste of time. Cable used to be connected via USB Hub and it work too. However when I had this problem I remove the cable and connect direct to my MacBook Pro, also change another new cable to test but it also cannot connect. Before writing to LightBurn Forum I did a test to find out where the problem was using Neje software and operate on a different Android Computer so there is no issue and it cannot grab and hold a communication port. Speed was set to medium.

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