No connection between Sculpfun S9 and LightBurn

SOLVED see below.

Good afternoon,

I have recently bought the Sculpfun S9. I am setting it up now and using Lightburn. Unfortunately it doesn’t connect. In Console it says waiting for connection, eventhough it says Laser Ready.

I am using Windows 64 bits version on a Dell laptop with Windows 10.

Can you help me out?
What else do you need from me to give a proper advice, I am a newby so I am sorry if the information I gave so far is too limited.

I attached a picture.

Thank you very much.

I send an email to the helpdesk. They suggested to check if there are more COM ports in the dropdown menu where it says COM7. And there where. COM9 gave a proper result in the console and the laser fired up and worked :smiley::smiley:

Love using it!

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for rolling this back. I feel that it will help others as well.
I’m grateful for your contribution to the community.

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Press start menu on windows, search for device manager
Go to the Ports line and expand it to see all Ports
The laser connection should be “USB-SERIAL”
Check the COM port no and change it in Lightburn to the same one as in the device manager.

If you can’t see the USB-SERIAL in ports , then go to and download CH340 driver , Extract the Zipped file and install it, then repeat the steps.

Hopefully that help
Cheers :wink:

Hi, could someone help me… If i’m engraving ( using Lightburn ) then half te time it stops halfway my project and it sais waiting for connection. Sometimes it doesnt stop… But checking bluetooth I can see it’s conneted. If i try restart from the point it has stopped, it just gos for a few seconds and sais done… anyone here knows what the problem could be? Allready tried connection with a usb cable but the same thing happens… I’m using my laptop and Sculpfun S30 Ultra 33w with lightburn.


Never use wireless connections, always use USB. If you still have problems, make sure you use a high-quality cable, remove all electrical disturbances and disable all energy saving functions of the host laptop. Check here for recommendations:
Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance and
Setting up the software - Diode Laser Wiki

I’ve done so, but my laser doesn’t connect anyway.