No connection between Sculpfun S9 and LightBurn

SOLVED see below.

Good afternoon,

I have recently bought the Sculpfun S9. I am setting it up now and using Lightburn. Unfortunately it doesn’t connect. In Console it says waiting for connection, eventhough it says Laser Ready.

I am using Windows 64 bits version on a Dell laptop with Windows 10.

Can you help me out?
What else do you need from me to give a proper advice, I am a newby so I am sorry if the information I gave so far is too limited.

I attached a picture.

Thank you very much.

I send an email to the helpdesk. They suggested to check if there are more COM ports in the dropdown menu where it says COM7. And there where. COM9 gave a proper result in the console and the laser fired up and worked :smiley::smiley:

Love using it!

Hi Suzanne,

Thanks for rolling this back. I feel that it will help others as well.
I’m grateful for your contribution to the community.

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Press start menu on windows, search for device manager
Go to the Ports line and expand it to see all Ports
The laser connection should be “USB-SERIAL”
Check the COM port no and change it in Lightburn to the same one as in the device manager.

If you can’t see the USB-SERIAL in ports , then go to and download CH340 driver , Extract the Zipped file and install it, then repeat the steps.

Hopefully that help
Cheers :wink: