No cut with Ortur 15W

Hi everyone,
I have an Ortur 15W with LaserGRBL and I don’t succeed to cut anything… I think there is an issue with the laser speed (I can’t go below 100mm/min, is it OK ?)
If you have any ideas to fix this, thanks a lot !!
Enjoy :slight_smile:

What are you trying to cut? What are your speed and power settings?

[quote=“QuentR, post:1, topic:42148”]
100mm/min, is it OK ?
[/quote] the 15w laser can cut. not a large board as you thing. I have a 15w. but it can engrave very well. so you need to start playing with the power and the max power. you need to with 250 at 100 power on a card board and also reduce the max power by 5 or 10 until you find you comfort zone. by mindful that you never stay away from your laser machine and wear your protective glasses all the time. see attached a power test that was given to me by a you tuber when i first start. I hope that help
Ortur power Test.lbrn (61.0 KB)

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