No data in exported files

Hi guys

I’m having some serious problems exporting from Lightburn to .ai, etc.
I’ve been using this feature many times in the past, but suddenly the exported files are completely useless, and doesn’t contain any data at all! I can see from the size of the exported files, that they do contain some kind of data, but neither in Adobe Illustrator nor online web viewers the file can be viewed :flushed:

Am I missing something?
Hope that you can help me out as it is really frustrating.

I had a similar problem. Someone suggested “nesting” a corner selection handle of the area you want exported up against the home position [mine is upper left] - which is the upper right in your photo. Here is an example:

Thank you for the fast reply:-

I’m not quite sure I get the point “nesting” a corner?!

See my addition- put one selection corner on top of the home corner.

OK, I get the point:-)
I will give it a try…

OK, this is REALLY weird…

I tried placing the object in the corner, and then exporting. It worked, and in Illustrator I got the vector showing.
The problem though…at the online lasercutting service I still couldn’t upload the file with succes, and it kept saying “no vector files in the attached document”. No matter what it wouldn’t accept the files from Lightburn neither in DXF/AI format.
I then used the software “ReaConverter” converting the file to pdf, and then it could be perfectly used in the online service.
The really weird thing is: The files I did in Lightburn with “no nesting” wouldn’t show in any programs. But if the file where opened in ReaConverter, and exported to pdf, then I can open this pdf in Lightburn and export to .ai, and then this file is working!
So the summery: When exporting to .ai from Lightburn directly, the files can not be opened in Illustrator with succes nor InkScape/etc, but if converting the file to pdf, and then open this in LB and export to .ai, then it works perfect!
Makes no sense?!

I can export a Lightburn file as svg, then OPEN it in Inkscape 1.2.2 on a Mac. I have not used an online file converter recently, but I remember that the ones I tried would not open/convert an svg directly from Lightburn. If I opened it in Inkscape and resaved as an svg, then it would be converted by the online services I tried.

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