No debian support!?

If I understand this correct: Debian linux is not supported?

Debian per se, may not be officially supported… but it does work on my Debian-underneath Chromebooks, in developer mode. It also works on my Ubuntu 20.04 laptop.

Please see our supported devices list here: Installation & Setup - LightBurn Documentation

Debian is a pure GNU/Linux. The only software Debian supports directly is only open source. So, many video/usb and other hardware that require drivers need to be open sourced which is not common.

I believe Lightburn uses other closed source components that operate in the Linux environment. If Lightburn needs some software that isn’t open source, you have to figure out how to handle this under a GNU license…

One of the developers or Lightburn people here needs to speak up if I’m wrong …

You can probably find these wrapped modules, drivers whatever, if you hunt around… Most of us like using them, not hunting them down and installing non open sourced software…

I spent a few years with Debian, one of the reasons I moved to Ubuntu… not so strict.


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