“No enough extend space”

Ran into this issue this morning. I did a few test engraves on a 20oz tumbler with no issues & went to start a job for 30oz tumblers & ran into this issue on a test run. I searched the threads & found the other post for this issue but did everything stated and I am still getting this error. I’ve tried adjusting the diameter & circumference as well & resize the image. I moved the rotary into the middle of the bed vs the far right side butted up to the edge & still have this issue.

Depending on where your origin point is on the Y axis, your controller will think it it about to go off the workspace. If you rotate the 30 oz tumbler on the rotary with the controller buttons, try to find the mid point of the total rotation and use that point to try another run.

I was using the right bottom corner & ended up extending it outwards to the left about 7" and it worked, So i cut a jig for spacing and all is well… well almost. Im posting again about another issue that wasn’t there before.

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