No error when controller file memory is full

Had this before but lets ask again. I just uploaded a file to the laser.
It checks for the filename, seems to go through then I walk down to the laser
and no new files. Appearantly there was not enough room on the controller,
after I deleted some files it did work. But could I have an error msg when the upload did not succeed? 9.0.4 64bit win10

Does RDWorks give you an error in this case? LightBurn should give you an error message if the file transfer fails, but I’ll have to double check to be sure.

I’ve also run across this problem. If the controller memory is full and you try to load a new program it appears to load with no error from LB but it isn’t on the machine. (ruida controller) That was with win7. I’m on Linux now and don’t know if the behaviour is the same.

Just tried to overload the controller again,

RDworks has the same behaviour, seems to upload to 100% but the new file does not appear.

For new file names you could maybe see if the file count has increased after upload
For exisisting file names one would need another solution :slight_smile:

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