No focus on 75° camera

I received the 75° camera a couple of weeks ago and just got to install it today. I’m not seeing an ability to focus it. Here are some pictures to illustrate my setup.

The camera is 75-76 CM from the bed. I did remove the sticker that was on the lens. This version does not appear to have a focus ring.

This is an image from my phone camera:

The camera utility in windows shows this - you can see the image is not in focus:

and LightBurn after alignment/calibration I get this:

I went through the steps twice and noticed the ‘circles’ page changes orientation between a couple of shots when going through the calibration (upside down from the initial orientation) but the wizard didn’t mention changing the orientation so I left it as is. I was getting score values from ~0.3 - ~0.6 during the calibration steps.

Thanks, David

The 75 degree is the one camera we sell that has auto-focus, so you shouldn’t have to do it manually. Make sure that the lens “floats” - it’s electromagnetic, so the lens should have some play in the metal housing around it, and the mount.

Does the view appear the same if you open the Windows Camera app?

Does the view appear the same if you open the Windows Camera app?

The third picture in the posting is from the camera app in Windows. I’ll take a look at the 3d-printed housing tonight - I did think it was a snug fit. It might be preventing the lens from moving.

I took some additional pictures using the Windows Camera app with the camera out of the mount - unfortunately there was only a good focus when an object was 4-6 inches from the lens as illustrated below:

Regards, David

We’ll send a replacement tomorrow.