No green dot, no cross hairs

Hi all. So I have this right now:


I’m running an Omtech CO2 laser. I haven’t done anything in a few months, so I feel like a newbie again.

Whenever I click anywhere in the field, there is no green dot, cross hairs or anything to show where the laser is in relation to the screen. So i am struggling to line things up. When I used to use lightburn there was a green dot (or maybe red) showing where the laser was. When you click on “set position” the laser would then move to that position. That way your dot and the laser matched up.

However, now when I click on the field, absolutely nothing shows up. No dot, no cross hairs, nothing. So when I click “set position”, the laser will move, but there’s nothing to match it up to on the screen.

Is this what you’re talking about?

Yes! Thank you!

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