No image from camera after Lightburn update

Just upgraded to the latest Lightburn.

An hour ago, with the previous version, my Logitech C920 webcam was working great. I was able to capture images and use them to position material, etc.

I decided to update to the newest version of Lightburn, and upon starting it, my camera is shown in the list, but when I select it I don’t get an image. I verified the camera is still working properly in Windows. I can’t run the wizard either, since Lightburn isn’t displaying an age at all from the camera.

Any ideas?

this worked for me to get up and running.

I’ll give that a try as soon as the laser finishes the job I am running. Thanks!

That got the camera view back, but of course I cannot access the new features.

For reference, I am running:
Windows 10 Enterprise, Version 1909
Lightburn 0.9.10
Camera is a Logitech C920 (HD)

It might be something to do with that specific camera - You’re the second person having this exact model not work.

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I’ll see if I can come up with another camera to try, just in case. Obviously, getting the “real deal” right now isn’t gonna happen, lol

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