No image from camera in LightBurn

I have been using 1.1.03 with no problem. I am now current with 04. Actually the problem started before the update when my computer shut down. In Lightburn I have no camera view. If I go into windows settings to camera it appears to work fine. For some reason Lightburn is not allowing it to display. I tried evetything. Rebooting, switched USB, re-started ightburn, Reset my machine…Nothing!

I am connected VIA USB

Are you using an extension cable, or just the cable that came with the camera? (is it one of ours, or another camera?)

I am using the cable that came with my Lightburn camera

OZ…If I plug the camera into a hub then plug the hub into the USB it works most of the time, but that is not a solution. I am thinking a cable problem, but I truly have no idea.

If the cable was bad, it’s extremely unlikely that connecting it to a hub would improve things.

You said “the problems started before the update when my computer shut down” - did it shut down to complete a Windows update, by chance?

The computer shut down and delivered a message that it was a heat related issue. I re-booted the computer and created air flow under the computer. Everything works properly except for this camera issue. When I plug a separate web camera into that USB port it works fine. The Lightburn camera will only display through the hub. It does show up in the dropdown inside of Lightburn, but will not project an image.

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