No image from light burn camera

Make sure your material surface is at the focus height of the laser before you take a capture, and make sure the camera position is exactly the same each time you capture. If your lid moves, even a degree or two, it will throw off the calibration. If the alignment is only off vertically, this is almost certainly what’s happening.

I am using windows 10.

Tobias - Which version of LightBurn? Windows recently rolled out new security and permissions for microphones and cameras, and it messed up a lot of things.

Try going through this and let me know if it helps: Getting your camera to work in the hellscape of Windows 10

Im on the latest 0.9.11

Ive also checked the windows 10 settings which has the camera access for lightburn enabled.
Havnt looked at the AV, I will take a look at it when i get home from work and get back to you. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve checked the AV and cannot fine anything that would be blocking Lightburn from accessing the camera. :frowning:

Go to Edit > Settings, down at the bottom you’ll see ‘Capture System’ change it from Custom to Default and see if that works for you.


THANK YOU! That worked!!

Having the same problem. Just got the new 8MP LB cam running on win 10 (1909) i can see the camera in device manager. in the Microsoft camera app i can view the camera no problem. made sure in the privacy the LB is allow to use the camera. in LB the camera is on default settings but i have just a black image.

Switch your Capture System to Custom, not Default. The 8mp camera usually works better with the new capture system.

Gave it a try, no luck. now the image is blank or white. :thinking:

Have you been through this list yet?

Yes I have. i try every thing that was suggested in this forum. :face_with_monocle:

The only thing I can do then is have you return it for a refund. If the camera works in the Microsoft camera app, but not in LightBurn, it’s a settings issue somewhere on your system. If you’ve already been through the permissions and settings, don’t have anti-virus software interfering, and have rebooted your system, then I’m at a loss as to what it could be or how to correct it.

Try checking to see if your graphics drivers are current, and run a Windows update to see if anything else on your system might be out of date, but that’s the best I have if you’ve been through everything else.

I will re-review it. is there driver pack for camera just in case there are out of date with the windows update store?

The camera shouldn’t require a driver - it just uses a USB standard that is part of Windows 8 and later.

I just received my LightBurn camera a couple days ago and am having the exact same issues as Jeff Mc Tear. Windows 10, all is up to date, the PC recognizes the camera and it works fine in the camera app. However, I cannot get it to work in LightBurn. In Camera Privacy everything is set to allow, but LightBurn is not showing up in the list of recognized Desktop Apps.

… and you’ve worked through the stuff in this post, already linked above? Getting your camera to work in the hellscape of Windows 10

Yes Sir. I did all that before I sent the message. I also checked directly with PC Matic to make sure they weren’t blocking anything too.

In the settings, at the bottom is a setting for ‘Capture System’. There are two options - Default and Custom. Can you try each of them? Default is the old one, Custom is the new one (and confusingly now the default, so I may have to rename these). You’ll need to restart LightBurn if you change it.

Oz, that fixed the problem. I switched to Default Capture System and restarted LightBurn. Bingo, it’s working now.

Thanks for your help.

All the best,

Scott Meer