No juice in new version

I just installed the new release this morning. When I send an image to the laser, the head moves according to the pattern, the mA meter registers, but the laser doesn’t fire. When I close Lightburn, I get a good test fire. I uninstalled the new release, re-installed the previous version and now it won’t fire, either. Shut down Lightburn and get a good test fire.

I must be missing something simple, but I can’t figure out what it might be. Running Mini Gerbil on a K40, worked like a peach before I installed the new version.

As per réponse to mrfoameruk on 2/13, I checked my $30 and $32 settings and both are as they should be.



Those being? Have you checked the S-Value Max setting in the device settings to make sure that matches the $30 setting?

There’s no magic here - try simple console commands, like this:
M4 ; Enable the laser
G0 X0 ; goto X0
G1 X10 F600 S200 ; cut 10mm in 1 sec

If that works, then there’s a likely settings issue. You could save the generated GCode from LightBurn to see what’s getting sent.

S-value max 1000

I ran M4, “light instruction” indicator lights up
G0 X0 carriage moves
G1 X10 F600 S200, carriage moves, laser does not fire
M5 “light instruction” indicator turns off.


This is the code for my little program:


Starting stream

Stream completed in 0:00



Starting stream

[MSG:Pgm End

Stream completed in 0:35

I would check with AwesomeTech - if there’s an indicator on the board that’s lighting when you use M4, it means that LightBurn is working as intended, and there’s possibly a loose wire or other board issue that coincidentally happened when you updated.

Thanks. I’ll head over there.