No laser after pause

Light burn v0.9.16
Rotor laser master
Pc 64 w/windows 10

When I paise a job and then select resume (regardless of duration of pause) the machine moves as it should to continue to laser etching but doesn’t emit any laser energy.

I’m still very new to this so I’m trying to identify the problems as they come. This happens with simple Light burn images such as squares and includes jpegs that I’ve dragged and dropped into light burn while using a camera (lightburn as well).

This is known, and fixed for the next release.

Ok, so just follow the 180 degree flip guidance if I have to pause and resume and wait for the next software, right?

If so, thanks.

Yes, that’s the best option for now. The next release is going to be quite soon.

So I’ve upgraded to the new software and now the “pause” function doesn’t work at all. the only way to prevent the machine from continuing to lase is to select stop.

What firmware does this controller use? I have no idea what “rotor laser master” is. Depending on the firmware, ‘Pause’ may take some time to execute, because not all firmware actually supports instant pause, and in order to properly retain the state of the laser we have to wait until the last buffered command is executed. If you’re doing long straight-line cuts, that might take a while. Also, the ‘Machines’ section of your user profile contains gibberish.

Ortur laser master 2
firmware v1.34

Ahh - Ortur, not “rotor”. The Ortur firmware has a bug that is causing this - it’s not LightBurn. They are aware of it, and working on a fix.

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