No Laser Seen with Mac Monterey and Bridge

Hello! Searched the forum to try and get this solved before putting this out there. Any help would be so appreciated! We have a Aeon Nova 14, Ruida controller and a bridge. We’ve followed all the steps from Lightburn and checked forums, Facebook groups and all the things and we are still having trouble getting the laser connected to the bridge. We’ve changed the IP address in the laser and connected the ethernet cable. What are we missing? thank you!

Did you follow the instructions on the LightBurn page?
Intro and Setup - LightBurn Software Documentation

If so, did you get to the point of connecting to the LightBurn Bridge WiFi AP and use that to configure the Bridge to your normal WiFi network?

Please provide as much context as to where you are as possible. Screenshots of what you are seeing would be useful.

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Yes we followed the instructions from the Lightburn page and did get to the point of connecting the bridge WIFI AP and used that to configure the bridge to our normal WIFI network and still got the error.

We will revisit it tomorrow and take pictures of what we are seeing.

Thank you so much for your reply! We appreciate it

When you get a chance tomorrow to post screenshots can you please make sure the error described here is included?

Will do! Thank you!

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