No longer returns to origin after job complete

Setting origin on the Ruida panel, and using “user origin” in Lighburn, as well as having the “return” set to Origin, I used to have the following behavior:

  • On reset, the head would move to the origin position
  • After a job was done, the head would move to the origin
  • If I moved the head with the keypad arrows and then pressed escape, it would move to origin.

I’ve verified settings and all of the 3 scenarios above now have the head return to 0,0/Home.

Any idea what might have changed?

Is your controller a Ruida 6442S model? Have you recently changed firmware by chance?

It’s a 6442G, and yes. Don’t have the before/after at hand.

The 6442S version of the controller does this, and it’s maddening - it completely ignores the return setting. It’s possible you got that version of the firmware (I assume it’s a bug, not intentional on the part of Ruida)

Thanks. I’ll track down where I pulled the firmware and see if i can backtrack. I thought I had verified against model, but could have very well missed it.

It might not be specific to that model even - I haven’t been able to find any reliable info on the differences between the S and G models - supposedly ‘S’ means ‘Stand alone’, but most things I’ve read that compare the two discuss things that the G has as well. I only have one S model, and it exhibits the weird origin return behavior, so it could be that firmware revision, or just that model - I’m honestly not sure which either.

The controller reports version RDLC-V8.00.63, but I don’t have a source file for it in my downloads. Curiouser and curiouser.

From what I’m reading, RD[L]C-V8.00.N is is for G controllers and RD[L]C-V8.01.N is for S. I’ve reflashed to RDLC-V8.00.53 and am seeing the same behavior.

The other “change” is that I loaded RD Works to poke around. I wonder if it silently changed a config somwhere.

BTW, the Go to Origin button in LB does move the head to the expected position.

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