No machine setting info

Hi I’m trying to set up a YRR rotary tool to engrave but all info Ive found shows people altering the machine settings and as you can see i’ve none to alter. What have i done wrong? machine is a Anycubic Mega Zero and the laser is a Endurance 10w. Plus when im trying to dial it in it’s always coming up 2mm short.
Please help if your able

The darker bars are drop down menus for those items. If you read the information at the bottom, it tells you it has read the controller information properly.

Make sure you save a current copy of it with the ‘save’ button, so when you return from using the rotary, you can read the original configuration file and ‘write’ it to the controller.

Of course, being the wise person you are, you will also save, under a different filename, a copy of the configuration when the rotary is working. I have a rotary file and a non-rotary file for configuration.

Good luck


of course I will save a copy Opps. But I’ve at least set it up thanks for YRR and have engraved thanks for you help