No movement in y axis yet still laser still burns

Hello guys,

On the last stretch of my job, my laser stoped moving along the y axis but kept burning along the x axis.

This resulted in like a double image scenario and inconsistent burn patterns.

This has never happened before.

Key info: Cnc mounted 10w diode laser connected to Grbl software.

You should turn off ‘Flood Fill’ unless your designs are very simple - you need a really well tuned machine to be able to use that for complex paths, because it bounces all over the place. It looks like you just didn’t let the job finish, and that it skipped steps at some point, which explains the shifting on the C.

Ok I’ll note of the flood fill for next time.

I did stop the project short as I figured it’s ruined now so didn’t more time.

I’m suspecting it was caused by a loose connection on the cable from Grbl board to the laser chip itself. It’s a crappy little connector that struggles to seat in properly on the laser board itself. I’ll need a more permanent connection I think



Tried another attempt at the same project and again another clear missed step issue. Connections look fine, workplace was secured well. No abrupt movements from the laser.

Looking more like mechanical failure now.

Double check pinions / pulleys, set screws that hold them in, and make sure couplers are all secure. Also check to make sure you don’t have any dirt or debris on the rails, or sticky spots.

I would also try aiming a small fan at the controller board(so it hits the stepper chips) and rule out possible thermal issues.

This issue was due to stripped teeth on the x belt. Thank you for the assistance.

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