No Power in Lightburn with Sculpfun S9

I have a problem. Coming from OLM2, I bought a new Sculpfun S9.
In LaserGRBL it burns as expected - in Lightburn there is no Power.

Drawing a small image, Circle or whatever, assigning 3000/50%, starting: Lightburn moves to the point, turns on light, moves the image, but strength is not enough to burn. Changing to 100% or other values make no difference.

Where should I look?

  1. Make sure that you are set for mm/min and not mm/s or other
  2. Check value of S Value Max in Device Settings. Make it equal to value from $30 in Machine Settings
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If you checked PY’s tips, I recommend checking this guide for all LightBurn settings for a Sculpfun laser: Setting up the software - Diode Laser Wiki

Thanks, problem solved. New installation, reset all settings, wrote new gcode-config (there was an error), now it works.