No power to cut wooden board

Hi I’m trying to engrave like i usually do and all of a sudden my laser just won’t engrave? It’s moving exactly as if it would but just nothing is coming out?
I have tired 2 different laptops and checked the settings on both?
Any ideas why it’s lost it’s burn power please

Have you cleaned the focus lens or nozzle? While you are at it, clean the mirrors and everything else.

I am saying this if you are using a CO2 laser. You need to give more info.

Your diode is dead.

Common with overpowered 5W diodes - if it’s not overheating, it’s voltage burnout.

No one has a clue how to help as they don’t know what type of machine you are having a problem with, some info on your part would help.

Ok thank you how would that be replaced? If it can be?

Oh yes I should of mentioned it’s an ortus machine

I will try this thank yoi

You don’t have a nozzle -it’s a diode. Feel free to follow squirrels, but your diode is very likely dead. Claim a warranty replacement

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