No power to Ruida LCD or LED light strip

Hey all, first time poster but long time lurker.

Super short version: I think reverse polarity at a receptacle may have broke my ruida controller.

The short story: my ruida controller and factory led lights in the main compartment, are not getting power. The fuse at the cord connection was not blown but the 4A fuse inside the controller owner supply was. I replaced the fuse and now have replaced this power supply and still have the problem.

The long version: I have a 50w blue and Gray that always worked just fine, though I have only used it occasionally. I moved cross country and the laser came with me in a moving truck, not particularly well packaged. Then it has sat in the garage (heated) of my new house for the past 15 months. I have recently started getting it set up and upon first startup, I started smelling a strange burning smell after about 30 seconds. Then I noted the Ruida LCD was not lit up and had no response to buttons being pressed. Laser does not find home and the led light strip that is installed from the factory has no power.

The factory 24v power supply has a soldered-on 4A fuse that I replaced, with no luck. So I replaced the power supply with the Meanwell RD-65B after talking at length with a meanwell representative to find an appropriate replacement. The new power supply has not fixed my problem and the LED light on new power supply doesn’t even light up. It should be noted the water pump and air compressor do work so I am getting power.

One final note: what I didn’t know before all if this started was that the receptacle I had the laser plugged into had a reading with an outlet tester showing that the hot and neutral are reversed.

Any thoughts on what I should be looking at or which part of this story could have had the largest impact on the what could have created my problem?

Thank you all

Have you tried checking the 24V output (Ruida) and 5V output (LED Light strip) from the power supply with a meter? How about the supply voltage to the power supply?
The other thing to consider is being idle for such a period is the possibility of a rodent making a meal out of some of your wiring. It maybe worth tracing the power from the supply point (cord connection) through to each component.
The water pump and air compressor ‘may’ both be mains voltage so not affected by the power supply in question.

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My LED strip under the gantry is plugged into the mains voltage. Be careful. I found it out when I removed the LED pointer and it was the only 5v connection. I traced down the LED strip to the mains supply.

Just don’t stick you finger in there expecting at most 5v :slight_smile:


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