No power when in line mode

Need help please…This is a new issue. When I select line (for cutting) my laser has almost zero power but does leave a small trace. Ammeter reads zero and nothing from tube. When I use fill or image mode everything works as normal. When I use RD Works everything works telling me it’s not a controller issue by my train of thought (could be wrong) Ruida 6442 controller, lightburn and rd works, Orion Motor Tech 60 watt, same max and min settings. Any thoughts as to why or how to find and fix the problem would be greatly appreciated TIA

Are you saying that you try the same exact job and settings from both LightBurn and RDWorks?

What are the settings for this job? Please show screenshots. If you try to run below the ‘Start Speed’ set in your controller, the laser won’t fire. This is typically set to the default of 10mm/sec. Could this be the issue?

Can you attach the file you’re trying to run? It’s most likely an issue with the layer settings, though it could also be in the machine settings. Go to Edit > Machine Settings and look all the way at the bottom, in Vendor Settings, then Laser Settings to make sure Laser 1 is enabled.

Double check power scale:


If Min & Max are the same then Power Scale would have no effect anyway. Good idea to check it, but in this case it won’t be the issue.

Yes… yes… I apparently overlooked that significant detail. :face_with_monocle:


@marklvarner56, what do your cut parameters look like? What are your laser settings?



Thanks everyone for the help. As it turns out I had the speed to slow…set speed over 10 and it fired right up.

OK when you said same max and min settings we thought you meant you had set the max and min to the same value, not that you had the same settings in RDWorks and LightBurn. At or under 10mm/s and the Ruida controller defaults to the minimum power setting. So if you are going to run that slow, set your max and min power settings to the same value.

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If that’s true, then you didn’t have Min & Max power set the same. If you had, there would be no difference other than the speed.

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