No precisión en el grabado (Not precision in engraving)

Últimamente mi láser no graba bien, es como que se ha desconfigurado algo y graba las cosas movidas, no tiene precisión. He cambiado el cabezal láser pensando que ahí estaría el problema y no es así.
¿Qué puedo hacer?

Lately my laser doesn’t record well, it’s like something has been misconfigured and it records moved things, it has no precision. I have changed the laser head thinking that the problem would be there and it is not.
What I can do?

Please take pictures of the imprecision you’re seeing, and post them here. You can drag the image from your desktop into the reply box here, or use the Up-arrow from a box Icon in the top row of the reply window.

Without knowing which type of inaccuracy that you feel you’re seeing, any advice will be underinformed.

These pictures are Perfect. Thank you.

On a rectangular machine, cutting a circle offers a lot of information.

The lower left side of the circle shows ‘Mechanical Backlash’. There is something loose in the engraver. The belts, when tensioned correctly remove most of this. Is this where your circular cut started and ended?

When the letter L is outlined, the path of the engraver reverses.

When the letter L is filled, the engraver usually proceeds from top to bottom without showing Backlash.

Looking at the back of the top of the Letter L, this serif is sharper than the other two. I feel this may be the start / stop point. If the serifs are drawn the same (heavier / blunt) in LightBurn, this is where the missing travel was hidden.

It looks like there is something loose in the Y-Axis mechanism that moves the whole gantry. The engraving seems to have good speed and power settings.

If I knew which AtomStack engraver you had, I could check the assembly guide and offer more specific advice to correct the imprecision. Most often the small screws in the pulleys become loose. Please test that they are still tight with the Hex Wrench or Allen Key.

You can request the the information report from the engraver by typing the following in the Console window in LightBurn:
then press Enter. Please Select and Copy the text from the Console window into a reply here. This avoids typographical and transcription errors. :slight_smile:

Occasionally machine translations translate $i to $Y. The machine requires $i for the information report.

No sé si te refieres a esto.
Muchas gracias por tu ayuda, sí debe de ser del mecanismo que está algo suelto, me es muy complicado ajustar los tornillos, me hace ruidos extraños la máquina.

I don’t know if you mean this.
Thank you very much for your help, yes it must be the mechanism that is somewhat loose, it is very difficult for me to adjust the screws, the machine makes strange noises.

A small whistling or singing noise from the controller has been mentioned here previously.

Collision or belt slip is a much more obvious source of noise.

Do you have a small ‘L’-shaped wrench for tightening the screws? It should have come with your machine.

With the engraver turned off you can slowly move the engraver by hand and find the tiny screws and feel if anything is loose.

Please take care to not move the engrave head (laser) quickly by hand. Sufficient voltage can be generated by quickly moving the Stepper Motors and this can damage the Stepper Motor Drivers.

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