No puedo instalar o desinstalar LightBurn

Hola Amigos!!
Tengo un problema con Lightburn, lo instale hace un mes y todo iba muy bien, de repente hoy queria usarlo y no me abre. Me sale ventana que dice: La unidad o conexion de red a la que se refiere el acceso directo de Lightburn no esta disponible.
Entonces he probado desinstalar pero tampoco me deja, dice que el sistema no puede encontrar el controlador especificado. Instale el controlador CH34x, pero no hace nada.
He actualizado los driver y controladores de Windows 11, pero el problema no se resuelve.
Por favor echarme una mano.

“Hello friends!!
I have a problem with Lightburn, I installed it a month ago and everything was going very well, suddenly today I wanted to use it and it doesn’t open. I get a window that says: The drive or network connection to which the Lightburn shortcut refers is not available.
So I’ve tried uninstalling but it won’t let me either, it says the system can’t find the specified driver. I installed the CH34x driver, but it does nothing.
I have updated the drivers and drivers for Windows 11, but the problem is not resolved.
Please give me a hand.”

The drive or network connection message is indicating you installed Lightburn on an external USB or Network drive, and not your local drive. That would also be why you cannot uninstall it.

If none of this is true, then you likely have a Windows problem.

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