No save Rd file button on Mac ?

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I used the lightburn demo on my virtual Windows machine and when I setup the rudia in it I have the ‘save cut file’ in the laser window. When I bought laserburn software it wouldn’t let me run it on my VM so I downloaded it to the Mac side. I setup the rudia controller in it (on the Mac side) but I have no option to save the cut file so I don’t know how to export the file to a USB drive to take it to my laser. What am I missing?

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Look in the laser tab: Save RD file button! Screen captures below:

Also make sure in preferences you are set for “Beginner mode.” This mode hides a bunch of items in the interface.

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I am sure you meant to say make sure the mode IS NOT set to beginner mode. :slight_smile:

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That’s correct- UNCHECK Beginner’s Mode!

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That was it! Thanks

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Why don’t you connect USB cable from Mac to laser?

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