No update to device status

When I fire up LB and the laser is off, you get the ‘no device found’ at the bottom, as you would expect.

After powering on the controller, I can create an object, send it to the machine for framing, and the status remains at ‘no device found’.

Mac OS 10.14.6 LB 09.18

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Thank you for reporting this. :slight_smile: Away from shop for a bit, but will try to reproduce here when back.

The initial device search is what shows that, and it only happens when you restart at the moment, OR when you leave the ‘Devices’ window, or just right-click the ‘Devices’ button. I want to make this automatic, so if you haven’t connected to a machine yet it retries occasionally, but that has implications if you’re using a network connection and the laser isn’t powered.

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