No vectors when I open a saved file


I get NO vectors when I try to open any of my saved files. It was working fine before. Any ideas?

Mery Christmas!

Did the app crash during a save of that file recently? You might have a backup copy of it somewhere - LightBurn auto-saves a backup copy of files next to the original.

That is my guess, Now I cant save any files…it says lightburn can create volume etc.

That sounds like perhaps you don’t have access to a network drive your files are stored on. Could that be it?

Let me reboot again and see what happens, thanks.

So your files are stored on a network drive? If so, that would have been a useful detail to include with the original post. :slight_smile:

NOT the ones I was trying to open. I made a new folder and moved all files there. Looks like it’s working fine now., Thanks.

That’s very odd. Their location on your system shouldn’t matter. Is the original location a synced drive? Using Dropbox or Google drive sync or something like that?

Really odd. I keep these files on my mac.

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