Node edit shapes

When have a created shape why can’t I node edit it?

Up on the page here is a link to LightBurn Software Documentation, here you will find what is necessary to start up with LightBurn.

convert to lines

That worked

Just to expand a bit further on this, in case you want a bit more info as to the ‘why’ or someone else stumbles upon this thread in future:

When you make a shape/polygon using the creation tools (e.g. a rectangle or circle) LightBurn keeps it in ‘shape mode’ until you tell it otherwise. This allows you to come back and edit its Shape Properties (e.g. corner radius for rectangles), which can be handy when making revisions to a design.

However, if you wish to edit a shape using its nodes, like a normal path/vector line art, you can tell LightBurn to convert the shape into a path by selecting the shape and going Edit > Convert to path (or Ctrl+Shift+C). This turns the shape into regular old vector lines/nodes, meaning you can no longer edit shape properties such as corner radius, but you can now edit it using tools such as node edit.

Hope this helps!

Great explanation.

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