Node edit snapping

When I am in node edit mode and I am moving the end of a vector, wanting it to join with another vector is there anyway to know when the node I am moving is close enough to auto join with the other vector?

I always move the node, zoom out and click the vector hoping it is connected, almost always it is not, so I select the two vectors and use the autojoin tool, and then it does not work either. So I go back into node edit and zoom way in and start moving the node again.

It would be nice to know while still in node edit if I was close enough.

They should automatically snap to each other when you’re close. Watch here, at about 4:10. Do yours not snap?

I feel like on occasion mine don’t snap, and ive just had to get them really close and then join them. I’ll try to reproduce later today and get some video if I can!

I played around with moving endpoints around and what I think is happening is that if I am holding the Control button down for precision control of the position, the snap feature seems to be turned off. If I don’t hold the Control button the snap seems to work normally.

The control key disables snapping, so that’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to. If you’re trying to snap to an object, that will override the grid snap when you get close to it.

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