Node editing a straight line into a curved line

I am trying to manipulate a straight line and make it curve. I know how to node edit shapes, but it is not letting me convert the line to path and node edit.

Any ideas?

Do you need to convert to path them first?

Hover over the node and press S key on your keyboard. It will spline the node. D will delete the node, I will I set a node and C will create a corner.

If you draw a line, select it and select the ‘Node Edit’ tool, you can hover over the line and hit the “S” key to make the line smooth. Is this not working for you?

You can see this in action in the following video (2:20) titled “Node Editing, Perforation, and Flood Fill” from our youtube channel:

Other ‘Node Edit’ options are described in the documentation here:

I am not sure what pa is?

Sorry meant path

Thank you Rick. I was selecting the line and then going to the Edit menu to convert to path and it wouldn’t. I didn’t know about the pressing node edit and s. It worked great! Thank you again.

Glad that helped. Yes, a line is already a “path” so that is why you see the ‘Convert to Path’ grayed on the menu. :slight_smile:

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