Node editing bug

I traced a word sign and it needed some cleanup via node edit. I had the layer set to fill so I could see the progress. Every now and then it would put a rogue node at the home position. I would only notice when I clicked preview it would say I had an open shape. I had the file saved with the rogue node but when I opened it the node was gone.

Has anyone else noticed this behavior?

Here is an example of what I was doing. Separating these two letters. Using node delete and line delete.


So no one sees random nodes popping up in the homing corner after several edits?

Yes. I have seen this and similar behavior. Sometimes svg files that I saved, which looked fine, somehow get corrupted. I’m not absolutely certain that LightBurn is to blame, but I have a hard time pointing the finger elsewhere.

Here’s an example. Typically, when I export an svg, I look at the the thumbnail in Windoze File Explorer and if it looks okay I consider it a success. But sometimes when I revisit the same svg file I get this sort of thing and the thumbnail is bogus. Very annoying.

Wow mine is not that bad. Mine wasn’t even an import. Just a trace.

This was initially a trace of a png or jpg and exported as svg and looked fine.
I have had instances where a single rogue node will appear at the machine origin as well.

There have been a bunch of fixes and cleanup done to node edit for the upcoming 1.3.00 release. There were cases where breaking and re-joining could create shape lists that confused other code. It’s been very stable since these changes.


Here’s another example. It looked fine when exported from LightBurn 4 days ago. Has never been opened since. I noticed the preview was whacked so dragged it into LB…

corrupted-svg.lbrn2 (3.9 MB)

So you’re saying you originally created this in LightBurn, exported, and then re-imported to get this?

Do you have the pre-broken version of this to compare against?

I’m curious as I’ve literally never seen anything like this in LightBurn. Are you saving your files to a cloud storage drive or possibly a network drive?

I traced a jpg file in LightBurn and it looked okay, so I exported the svg to my graphics library on my PC’s hard drive. Browsing through the library today I noticed the preview was wonky so dragged it into LB and got this mess. So I selected the mess at the top and deleted it and ended up with this:

after re-exporting it, the preview looked wonky (not as bad as before), so I opened it in Inkscape. This is what it sees:

I dragged the freshly saved svg back into LB and it still looks fine. For now.
This is a very busy svg file…

It doesn’t surprise me that Inkscape wouldn’t show it the same way as LightBurn by default. LightBurn will negate all overlapping shapes of the same layer irrespective of grouping and does not expose a compound path concept. In contrast, Inkscape by default will only negate overlapping portions when they have been combined into a compound path.

Try this in Inkscape:

  1. Select the whole drawing
  2. Path->Combine

This should result in basically the same look as in LightBurn. There may be some slight differences due to handling of stroke width. You can adjust for that by setting a stroke in Inkscape and adjusting the stroke width.

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