Node editing inside path

Can someone tell me what im not doing right in trying to trim the inside path of a circle with ears?

You need to convert the circle entity to a path, then select the node editing button and trim.

I had all three circles selected in the beginning when i changed to path. The chsnge to path is grayed out now. When i do trim that line, the entire top hslf of the circle gets trimmed. Its like i need to break thst small line from the half circle, and ive played with it a lot, but cant figure it out. But i do believe it is converted to path already.

There are some tolerance issues with LB. If I create the same type of shapes, and move the “semicircle” to the right by 0.0007", it will trim out the necessary part.

Edited to change movement from 0.007" to 0.0007"

There is a much easier way to achieve what you’re looking to do. I have recreated your 2 circles on top of each other.

Select both circles, then Tools > Boolean Assistant > Union in this case. You now have the 2 circles joined as a single path.


Thanks for the help, I learned to use the Boolean method, thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t know what Boolean was.

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