Node editing, selecting red not green when extending line

I am trying to close some shapes. I select the line I want to extend, hover over green node (end of line) hit the I key, and grab the node. I want the green node to extend the line, but for some reason it grabs the red and distorts the line. I feel I am missing something.

You’re sabotaging yourself by pushing the I key. That’s inserting a new node on top of the current green node location. If your goal is to move the green node, then just grab the node directly and move it. Or do you have a particular reason you’re trying to insert a new node?

I need a new line. If I just grab the green it moves the line.
I need to join these 2 lines

In that case you may be better off using the line tool to draw a new line segment. It will take additional steps to join the line segment, however.

Thank you I thought I was missing something with Node Edit LOL

We might both be. There may be a way of preferentially choosing one node over another as you click but I’m not aware. I suspect it’s layered in index order and you’re always going to get the one on top.

If you hover over the green node and press ‘E’ to Extend the line, it will extend it out until it hits another shape. If you draw something “in front of” it to tell it where to end, this works well.



That will absolutely do the trick!

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