Node editor Bug and radius tool issues

Hi, I noticed the new features in 1.4.00 and had to upgrade my license to use it, thx for the amazing work.

I Installed version 1.4.00 and instantly noticed a bug that just has to be fixed :
When using the Node editor and I change a Node and I want to un-do I normally just press cntr-z on the keyboard - this does not work in the node editor I have to first click on the select arrow then I can use cntr-z again.

Also the radius tool now have the function to undo rounded corners. I have rounded corners made on version 1.2 also using the radius tool, these corners some has 2 nodes, others have 3 nodes the undo-rounded corners does not work on the corners that now have 3 nodes but only work on the corners that has 2 nodes, it also does not undo the rounded corners to perfectly straight lines its off with a few degrees on some lines ans I have to manually go in and fix these.

Hope these issues will reach the correct place.

Thank you for reporting this.

I will attempt to reproduce what you are seeing.
What kind of computer are you using?

There may be a difference between the Two node corner and the Three-node corner that I can not see.

Would you be willing to share the project file?

Hi Lightburn,
I noticed this too when I updated to 1.4.00. When I open the “Edit nodes” in the toolbar and I make a change to a node and I want to undo that change I would press Ctrl+Z in the previous version and it would undo the change while still in the “Edit nodes” tool selected, but in 1.4.00 I first have to press the select arrow before the undo (ctrl+Z) will work.

Can’t find the post at the moment but @Rick confirmed that the node edit and undo behavior is deliberate and is due to the improements made in node editing.

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Deselect the node(s), then Undo works as expected.

@johanbosman, we would like to see an example file where you are getting this radius behavior. Please share when you can. :slight_smile:

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Hi All, apologies, its been the most insane few day’s and I had to just push and redo most of the corner work to get the work done. When I get some time I will find a file that has not been fixed yet and send it to you JohnJohn. Thank you for all the replies. I still hate the fact that I need to first go to select to undo, but currently Im just making do with it.

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Will do thank you Rick. Regarding the Deselect, that does Improve things a bit, I tested it and it does work better then clicking on select. Thank you.

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