Noob question about burning files

Does the computer needs to be connected to the controller in order to a file/design use follow the settings set in LB? Or, if i draw in LB and transfer the file via usb to the controller the file will be burned using the controller settings?
I am running a AWC 7824.

Consider to call the un-connected computer the design computer. You should create a controller/laser profile on the design computer to match your laser, and set it as default, if desired.

When opening Lightburn, you may get a message along the lines of “not connected” or “not found” but the program will use the profile you’ve configured.

I’m unfamiliar with the controller you reference, but for Ruida controllers, the file is saved to the .RD format and I suspect you should be able to accomplish a similar result with your design file.

I Followed your advice and now all is working as supposed to.

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