Noob question about Library!

Been reading up on using LightBurn and have a question about the Library. When I create a library entry from a layer I thought that it would adopt the layer colour, but it always shows Black and it can’t be changed. Am I missing something here? I have a handle on everything else but the color ( without a ‘u’ for our American friends :slight_smile: ) has me baffled. Can someone un-baffle me?

It’s because the library entries don’t retain the color at all. When you assign an entry from the library to a layer, the target layer already has a color, and the material settings get applied to that.

Hi Oz, so the colour drop-down is actually redundant as it can’t be changed? Just trying to get it straight.

The color isn’t a drop down - it’s just showing you which layer color the setting is assigned to. Technically we shouldn’t show it at all for material entries.

OK that clears it up. I understood everything else OK as it is quite straightforward. It was just the colour that was puzzling. Many thanks.