Norten tile method 20 w ortur

Looks like the Harley method :wink:

That’s a great result

Thank you! Still trying…:wink:

I’m struggling with the Norton method at the mo!

Looks great when I finish the engrave but once I then add thinners and remove the excess paint it all goes downhill quickly…

… Some of my image always come off

Just a matter of getting settings right bud,little more power ,little less speed maybe? Or maybe try adjusting the gamma in shape properties?

That’s because the paint hasn’t fused to the ceramic.

Create a block grid with 1cm squares, adjust the power from top to mid point in small steps (3%) and make a test.

You must let the paint cure before lasering. 24 hours for acrylic in summer.

I prefer enamels as the solvent fumes off really fast and then it only needs a couple of hours to harden.

It’s all about experimentation and note-taking.

I’m doing a lot of contract leather cutting right now and it’s infuriating - every hide is different, you have to either re-calibrate all the time, or run hotter than is necessary, to make sure you cut each one through. Grrr