Norton white tile and IR 2W


I am wondering if using a 2W IR will work for the NWT method?
Anyone tried and how does it compares to regular blue laser?


I do this on my co2 and fiber… Both of my other lasers use a lot more power than you have… People use lower cost visible lasers in the 5W range, I believe, do this.

As a general rule, I think there is a lower power limit to using coatings to create a molecular bond to the glass with any success.

You can buy TiO2 from Amazon. Sprinkle a little on the tile and give it a whirl.

Good luck


If the laser module has a fan on top, or air assist is used, the dry power will go for a whirl. You will need to add the TiO2 to a binder, like wood glue or white acrylic paint.

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