Nose como agregar los firmware ami dispositvo (I don't know how to add the firmware to my device)

tengo una grabadora laser two trees tts10 con grbl y lightburn, me aparece el error ets Jun 8 2016 00:22:57

I have a two trees tts10 laser engraver with grbl and lightburn, I get the ets error Jun 8 2016 00:22:57

waiting for download
Buscando me encontre con actualizar el firmware, solo que nose como se actualiza o se agrega, alguien me podria orientar

Searching I found updating the firmware, I just don’t know how to update or add it, could someone guide me?

This site has instructions.

he seguido los pasos, pero siguen sin funcionar

I have followed the steps, but they still do not work

Take a picture of your laser controller and post here.
Also post your firmware upgrading steps for us to check.

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esa es la placa, los controladores son los que vienen al instalar el programa
El firmware no he podido ingresarlo, porque he buscado y no lo he encontrado.
Encontré en algunos foros 3 archivos distintos.
Si tiene el firmware adecuado, me lo podrian proporcionar e indicar como se hace la actualizacion
Para el flasheo en las instrucciones que viene en el enlace de Diode Laser wiki, me pide este bin. C:\DLC32-xy-s6-s9-Unlimited-20220718.bin
Supongo que ese bin es para otra placa base porque no me aparece cuando lo busco.
Bueno eso es lo que he hecho al respecto con el error que marca

that is the board, the drivers are the ones that come when installing the program
I have not been able to enter the firmware, because I have searched and have not found it.
I found 3 different files on some forums.
If you have the appropriate firmware, could you provide it to me and indicate how to update it?
For flashing in the instructions that come in the Diode Laser wiki link, it asks me for this bin. C:\DLC32-xy-s6-s9-Unlimited-20220718.bin
I assume that bin is for another motherboard because it doesn’t appear when I search for it.
Well that’s what I’ve done about it with the error it flags.

The DLC32 firmware is not correct for that board. I too was not able to locate a correct firmware for that board and I mistakenly updated my LTS board with DLC32 firmware. My LTS no longer worked and I had to replace it. I ended up buying a DLC32 to replace it with.

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Read along (maybe…):

eso tambien lei, que posiblemente la placa estaba bloqueada y ya era inservible y se tenia que comprar otra, solo que mi duda es, si es compatible la placa DLC32 con una laser tts-10 y si el cambio es nadamas ponerle la placa nueva y ya, no se tiene que programar algo? si me pudieses orientar seria de mucha ayuda para no hacer el gasto innecesario

I also read that, that possibly the board was blocked and was already useless and I had to buy another one, only my question is, is the DLC32 board compatible with a tts-10 laser and if the change is just to put the new board on it and Now, don’t you have to program something? If you could guide me, it would be very helpful to avoid making unnecessary expenses.

I think the #2 post in the following thread is the solution, but it would only be a guess without having the engraver here.

I’ll poke around in the zip file to see if there are any indicators that it is the correct file for the MKS LTS 1.1

Edit: Not enough in that file to reflash the controller:

I assume it would be compatible. Mine was not a TTS, but all the connectors are mostly the same between the boards. I had to solder in my power switch. The DLC32 needs additional motor driver boards that are integrated in the LTS.

If possible save your configuration from your existing controller, it will make setup much easier. I downloaded firmware from github. I don’t recall which one I downloaded. It took me a few tries to get my settings correct.

I cannot give any more help than that. My experience was trial and error.

That file is only the settings, the firmware (2 or 3) is a few posts below.