Not a perfect circle

Hello there,
i just bought my Sculpfun S10. I’ve been practicing with Light burn a couple of weeks and today i plug it for the first time. I have downloaded the CH340 as a read in the forum. I have a problem as you can see in the photo. When it prints a circle, this happens. Can anyone help me because i am a nubby to all that. Finally i would like to know if the GRBL-M3 (1.1e or earlier) is right fot this machine?
Thank you

check 4 belt tension, both axis cause i don’t understand the orientation of this engraving

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Likely not, just GRBL should do. In the Console window, enter $I and it will display the build info. I am betting you will see 1.1f or maybe even up to 1.1h listed. I just bought the Sculpfun S30 Pro and it functions with GRBL, no added letters.

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Thanks! I was checking the belts and a saw a loose screw at the one side of the inox bar. All screws needed to be tighten. Fixed!

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Go through the guides here, they should get you started :slight_smile:

The questions you had are also answered there, as Mike said, don’t use grbl-m3, use “grbl” as laser type. Optimal settings for your laser are listed in the wiki.


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