Not able to laser burn anything

I have been trying to laser burn test on mainly store purchase wood engraving items, which I am able to do so on my other program that came with my small laser engraver (Laser GRBL)
I am pretty new to this so I am always researching the videos that are provided by LIGHTBURN.
Is there something that I am missing during setting up this program? Thanks in advance!

Not sure if I’m understanding the problem but if you’re saying you’re able to burn on LaserGRBL but not LightBurn this is almost always a difference in units. Make sure you’re using comparable units.

I’m assuming LaserGRBL is in mm/min and you’re using mm/s in LightBurn. Change this in Edit->Settings in LightBurn.

Hi, thank you for your reply back. From what I checked in the edit-settings> LightBurn, it is set at mm/s. So what you are saying is for me to set it at mm/min? Is the correct? If so I had tried doing both. Nothing changed. The laser going through the burn/engravement but nothing is showing up. Not sure why?

You change the settings to mm/min. Then you also need to change the values as it would retain the same absolute speed as earlier. So if you had 1000 mm/s that would get translated to 6000 mm/m when you actually want 1000 mm/m.

Thank you! I will give it a try! Fingers cross!

I have got it working. Thanks to you all for your help. I did not have the fire burn enable. I’m bad! lol

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