Not communicating with eleksmaker

I’ve been using lightburn with my eleksmaker 2.5 for the past 7 months and yesterday morning its not connecting at all. I have tried the following… changed the usb cable 3 times, updated the lightburn software to 9.04 , restarted computer, updated computer and tried the “find my laser” … at the end of the day I just need to find out if there is a way to check the controller to see if its the problem. I have explored this forum and couldn’t find anything that helped. If there is a customer support to call that would be great, I have dyslexia and I have to translate alot to sound. Thank you for any help I have a project to get done and this just sucks.

So it wasn’t working on a previous version of LB? Does the eleksmaker allow for connecting via ethernet? Can you copy a file to a flash drive and run it from that?

Did you do anything that might have caused the connection issue? Anything random that happened before it stopped connecting?

Yes it was working fine on the old version of LB. yesterday I plugged in the eleks and “Waiting for connection…” I don’t think the eleks has the ability to connect with a ethernet or flash drive. I cant think of anything that would make this stop connecting, I only use this a few times a month if that and the last time was in May and it worked fine. how would I test the hardware with out buying other software?

It stopped working before you updated, correct? I would check to see if Windows Update messed up the driver. When you plug in the Eleksmaker do you hear the ‘Bing!’ that windows makes to tell you a new USB device is plugged in?

it did stop working before the LB update. when I plug the eleksmaker it doesn’t “Bing” but the elekmaker does know its connected because the light on the controller comes on.

That means that Windows isn’t recognizing the controller, so it’s most likely a driver issue. Look in your windows device list to see if anything isn’t recognized, and see if you can download a driver for the board to re-install. I’ve seen Windows update cause driver problems before.

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