Not Completing Corner Cuts

That sounds so easy :sweat_smile: Can I ask what type of laser you’re using? I may need to return mine.

It’s set to high which I think may be the default because I haven’t changed it since I downloaded Lightburn.

It’s an OMTech 60 W CO laser, which is probably far more hammer than you want to deploy on mother-of-pearl.

In looking at your Settings, you’re using mm/sec, which is unusual for diode lasers. Switching to mm/min will make the speed values more comparable to other folks with diode lasers. It will also dramatically slow the machine, because the same numeric value will call for 1/60 the speed. If you prefer inch/min, that will work, too; the key is understanding that diode lasers work slower than CO₂ lasers.


The value highlighted in green

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thanks for pointing this out! I feel like this issue has helped me learn a lot more about Lightburn :smiling_face:

thanks so much for the info! I really appreciate everyone chipping in to give me a crash course to help me through this hump. I’m trying to start the return process with this current laser and just need a solid one that can simply cut my designs as easily as your OMTech :smiling_face_with_tear: any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

In the process of my return, the manufacturer is indicating that Lightburn has difficulty with files from Corel Draw and that may be why come of the lines are not connecting. If that is the case, could someone point me in the right direction of how my files could be better recognized from Corel?

We are not aware of such reports. Did they offer anything that specifically identifies the “difficulty” one would encounter?

The problem is not with this SVG file, while not optimal, folks have been able to run it successfully. :slight_smile:

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Going from a diode to a CO2 will not make things more simple. The CO2 machines are an order of magnitude more complicated…and expensive…

I might suggest getting in line for a new Roly LaserMatic. It’s a nice diode that “just works” and they have excellent customer support.

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I know right Rick! lol bring out all the receipts. I think they’re trying to get out of issuing my return :sweat_smile:

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Ah, this looks like a great one but I need it sooner rather than later. I would prefer to stay diode but any other suggestions would be great :heartbeat:

This thread has a happy ending folks :heartpulse: Decided to swap out my Wizmaker for an OMTech Light B10 Diode (figured it was the ideal compromise between Ed’s OMTech working with my design and cggorman’s input that a CO2 would complicate my art process which is already plenty complicated). Cut my design right out of the box!

P.S. For creators with fairly intricate designs that Inkscape, Rapid Resizer and Illustrator can’t accurately Center Line Trace, I found Corel Draw’s AI tracing capabilities pretty spot on. Maybe not the most cost-effective solution but definitely worth downloading the trial to test out for your purposes.

Thanks everyone!


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